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Gemma: The power of Love

Her name is Gemma. We met on an ordinary day, during a normal routine of business meetings, but I soon understood that there was nothing ordinary about our encounter.

Gemma and her mother arrived in a rush... and they filled the room of a good energy that is hard to forget. I was captivated by Gemma's complete lack of awareness of her own beauty and the insecurity that came with it. Gemma's mother had the most beautiful smile, that of a mother who loved her daughter dearly and had one desire: seeing her daughter walking down the aisle, happy, on her special day. Her love was so amazingly obvious... but I later realised that her smile was also hiding courage.

As per routine, it didn't take me long to picture the perfect dress for Gemma... after all I have been doing this job for a long time. Gemma is a simple girl, spontaneous, with two big eyes full of happiness and a smile that reminds you of all the wonders of the world. Her beauty is special: it mirrors that of her mother. I perceived the magic... and it hit me hard and gifted me with strong emotions... that's one of the reasons why I love my job.

Gemma tries a few dresses on, and then we eventually decide on the one that I had pictured for her. She is confused... insecure. She thinks she is overweight and full of flaws. But not her mother. Her mother sees her for how she really is: beautiful... and this makes her happy.

We meet a few more times, and I could see that Gemma was becoming more and more caring towards her mother... something was making her worried. And then I understood why... Her mother was fighting a difficult battle, and all she desired was to be present at her daughter's wedding. This dream gave her strength, it kept her alive and gave her her magical smile.

I believe in magic, and I knew that Gemma's mother was going to be there for Gemma's wedding. I still remember the day of the hat... Gemma and her mother came, rushing as usual. Gemma was worried that her mother was getting tired and let her sit down and rest. Her mother looked at me with a bit of a cute/funny smirk and told me that she wanted Gemma to wear a hat with her beautiful dress. I told her that I had seen a panama hat that would have been perfect for her. They were happy and rushed to get it and so the bride had her beautiful dress with her beautiful hat.

The day of the dress collection Gemma was on her own. Her mother was gathering all her strength for the big day and I prayed for her with all my strength. Gemma sent me a picture of their hug on her wedding day. Her mother made it. She was there to see her daughter with her beautiful dress and her beautiful hat on her special day.

I had to wait a bit to write Gemma's story... I had to wait for my heart to be ready. I will never forget that smile... the smile of a woman with the sweetness of a child and the amazing love of a mother... Thank you for this wonderful gift.

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