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Are you sexy or romantic...

...a small detail that makes the difference.

The choice of the right wedding dress, starts from the study of the bride's personality. But don't be fooled by appearance! Often a strong personality hides a romantic soul... and sometimes sweethearts want to risk it all for their big day and show their sexy side!

So... are you sexy or romantic? This is how you can figure it out!

1. If a guy is looking at you, do you feel embarassed or flattered?

2. What do you notice first... good hands, or a nice pair of eyes?

3. First date... dinner with music and wine, or club night followed by drinks at his?

4. The man of your dreams... Christian Grey or Noah (in the Notebook, clearly)?


Well... if you feel embarassed, maybe your cheeks go a little pink, and you like a nice pair of blue eyes and a dinner with music and wine... and you dream of Noah... YOU ARE DEFINITELY A ROMANTIC.

The romantic bride will probably like a silk organdy dress, off-white, with delicate lace and some hand-made flowers for a special touch.

The neckline is delicate and not too revealing, The shape is soft and sinuous, not close fitting, caressing the body.


If you feel flattered, you notice good hands, like a nice club date followed by drinks at his, and dream of Christian Grey, YOU ARE A SEXY BRIDE.

The sexy bride will probably prefer a deep and revealing back to show off her amazing body.

The dress is far from simple... the more the better, really! Soft silk cut in a tight-fitting shape with macramè embroidery and maybe some sparkly stones.

The dress train is majestic to capture everyone's attention.

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