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A middle eastern dream...

The beauty of my job is that I get to realise people's dreams, and through that I also realise my dream... Sometimes these dreams bring me to places that are far from my homeland, and enable me to meet some wonderful people along the way.

In March 2012 one of these dreams took me to Dubai (UEA), for Lyne and Hicham's wedding. It was such a wonderful day filled with love and happiness, but the best part of it all was that I was given the opportunity to contribute to this important day by realising Lyne's wedding dress.

This for me is 'living the dream'... yes, the dream, because by making people's dreams a little more special by realising 'the dress' for their special day, I get to see the love and the joy that brought these people together.

And it's when I see all the beautiful smiles, that I know that I've fullfilled my duty as a designer but most importantly I know that I've realised the 'fairytale' of that bride who was once dreaming that exact moment as a little girl.

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