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Since I was a child I had a dream: to be a fashion designer. Fashion design was something I grew up with, as it was the family business. My favourite hobby as a child was making dresses for my barbie doll - the luckiest barbie doll of all times with a wardrobe full of bespoke dresses. As I grew up so did my dream until at the age of age of 22, I founded my first fashion brand Kira Emanuelli. Within a few years my passion and style captured the attention of international buyers and I presented my collections in some of the most prestigious fashion exhibitions in Europe, including the London Fashion Week, Prêt-à-Porter Paris, MODA UK, and many others. My collections were distributed all over the Middle East, Russia, the UK and Italy. 

What I love the most about my job is the travel. But travelling for me is not just about seeing new places... It's much more than that. It's packing that suitcase full of designs and getting to know new cultures, new traditions, talking to people and listening to fascinating stories. It's the stories I am most interested in. 

I have worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years. I have had different roles and my business has changed with time. What has never changed is my interest in people's stories and the wonderful process of making a dress that is perfect for that particular person with their own unique background story. 

This is why I have a passion for bespoke bridal dresses. The journey from meeting the bride for the first time to the last fitting is a journey filled with emotion. As every story is unique so is every journey and, as a consequence, no dress is ever the same. A bridal dress for me is almost like the embodiment of a woman's dreams... The love story behind the big day is only the tip of the iceberg. This is why I create unique designs for my brides because they represent that person's personality, dreams and story. 

It is to embrace my passion bespoke wedding dresses that I have decided to set up a brand new personalised service for brides called Your Personal Designer

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